Monday, March 01, 2010

Free Mountain

Title : Free Mountain
Author : Kaveri Chatterji
Illustrator : Shweta Mohapatra
Publisher : Katha

Simplicity has the ability to make a lasting impression with candor! One such example is "Free Mountain". I was awed by the sincerity of the words and illustrations which are very simple yet convey alot.

A simple tale of a mountain rhythmically told in a lucid manner - a mountain, who like her peers had relished the pleasure of flying high up in the skies eons back but cannot do so now. All but this mountain have learnt to remain still. This particular one does not just want to let go off her freedom, she yearns to be free and live her dream again. How can she achieve this freedom ?

Standing still month after month she witnesses different life forms emerging in front of her eyes and lending a part of their own free spirit to her. She takes pleasure in their liberation and experiences her own spirits getting a new flight.

A very small book of just 32 pages, mainly filled with attractive illustrations and very concise text achieves much more by working on two levels. One, educating 3-5 age group readers about the months, various animals and introducing mathematical concepts like numbers, counting and simple addition. Two, a subtle message for readers falling in a little bigger age group - rejoice in the happiness of others. We may not possess everything nonetheless we can celebrate the diversity and uniqueness in the world, instead of sulking of what could have been but never happened.

Illustrations by Shweta are simple and bright and have an ability to motivate the readers to pick a pencil and plain sheet and draw some easy landscapes themselves.

{Image courtesy : Katha}

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Tharini said...

Very interesting! The illustrations on the cover look just gorgeous and intriguing at the same time!

Choxbox said...

Sounds fab. Love the illustrations. Where does one get these books?

Vibha said...

T : Yes, they are. Looks like the llustrations are Madhubani inspired, same bright colours and patterns.

Chox : Katha books are available at APG Enterprises, below is the address:

Mr. Pankaj Varma
APG Engerprises
F – 6, Hitech Citadel
Phase – I, 15th Main
19th Cross, Padmanabha Nagar
Bangalore – 560 061
Tel: 26395070, 9880040839

the mad momma said...

this is a lovely book Vibha. I love the way it teaches kids to count and also the subtle lesson to make the most of what you have.

Choxbox said...

Thanks Vibha.

Incidentally came across a beautiful Katha book called Earth Song by Geeta Dharmarajan today. Instantly thought of you :)

Vibha said...

MM ~ I agree, very neatly put in a small book.

Chix : Wow another earth book! When are you coming this side, I am waiting for a lot of books that I would like to borrow from you now ;)

Sheela said...

OMG, love the illustrations - at least the samples you've shown here!

Meera Sriram said...

Gorgeous colors! Seems like a complete package. Nice.

Vibha said...

You can check Shweta's blog http://shwetamohapatra.blogspot.comfor more of her art work.

I did a brief question-answer session with her and posted it here -

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